Must have gadgets for businessmen 2021

Must have gadgets for businessmen 2021 - XOXO WiFi

Must have gadgets for businessmen 2021

Frequent trips are very closely related to the business world. We invite you to our ranking of the best gadgets for businessmen.

1. Smart bracelets

Currently, most of common things are “smart”. Everybody knows about smartphones and smartwatches. Smart bracelets are technology combined with fashionable look. With tiny device on your wrist, you can easily check time or unanswered calls. It could be a perfect gift for businessmen, who are keen on healthy lifestyle. Smart bracelets are able to count, how many calories has user burnt.


2. XOXO WiFi router

If you’re looking for a gift for somebody, who is traveling abroad a lot, XOXO WiFi mobile router will be the best idea. It’s small and what is the most important - it will allow every user to connect the Internet in nearly every place in the world, without paying high roaming charges. It’s used by many companies, so don’t wait and buy the XOXO WiFi - a perfect gift for business travellers.

3. Portable projectors

It’s a great gift for everybody, who often makes presentations in many places. When you have to do a business lecture as a guest in a company and there are technical difficulties with showing the slideshow, a pocket-size projector will save the speech. You can do it even if there will be problem with electricity - with an external battery, you can present everything, even during real extreme moments.

Portable projector

4. Minimalist wallets

Not as spectacular as earlier mentioned gadgets, but thin wallets are very practical. Currently coins are not very useful, so if you’re getting it more, then your pocket is getting jammed and it is going to look badly. Minimalist wallets are designed to hide many most important ID documents, credit cards and banknotes. And nobody will see anything in your jacket’s pockets.

Minimalist wallet

5. External batteries

Your battery in your mobile, camera or notebook is empty and you have to use these devices immediately? With external batteries it becomes possible. Charge it before using, plug in to discharged device and enjoy calling or photographing again! The size is so small that you can easily keep it in your small case pocket. It’s very useful during every business trip.

External battery - also called power bank