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Renting the XOXO WiFi router.,

How does it work?

Stay in touch
with your friends and family.

Mail, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber.

The fee for Internet before your departure serves as a guarantee of a fixed price and ensures there are no additional or unexpected costs.

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The portable router connects to the best local operator in a matter of seconds, ensuring the widest coverage. It provides you with a WiFi signal without the need for roaming or a SIM card.

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You have guaranteed access to high-quality network wherever you are, whether in the city center, a secluded beach, or a small village. During layovers in other countries, you will receive complimentary fast internet. We will take care of your travel comfort from start to finish.

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You only pay for the time you use the device abroad. The shipment of XOXO WiFi will reach you 2-3 business days before your planned trip, and you will not be charged for those days. Additionally, after your return, you have 3 days to organize the return at your convenience. Sounds fair, right?

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Choose a data package tailored to your needs. Whether it's 500MB, 1GB, 3GB, or the XXL package with a whopping 5GB per day at full speed.

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You gain unlimited access to the Internet with a speed limit. This means that after you have used up your daily data package, you will still have access to the network, but your internet speed may be reduced.

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You can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously to the router. Whether it's phones, tablets, PS3, or any other devices, the choice is yours.

Zalety XOXO WiFi

  • A fully charged battery lasts for up to 12 hours of continuous usage.
  • The connection is as secure as a bank, ensuring protection and anonymity.
  • You can use the device in over 150 countries. Every day, you can visit a different country, and with just one click, XOXO WiFi will connect you to the local network.
  • The customer panel allows you to control and monitor your data usage. You can increase data packages and extend your rental independently, without the need to contact customer support.
  • There are no hidden costs or SIM cards required.
  • We provide friendly and competent customer service in Polish. We are available to assist you via phone, email, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and WeChat. We will answer any questions you have before and during your trip.

You can save up to 95% on internet costs
while traveling abroad!

With XOXO WiFi, you have the ability to reduce high bills for internet and phone connections (for WiFi Calling and VoIP services). Below, we present the roaming costs for the USA with various operators when using 500MB* of data.

Savings icon *Source: Price list of international tariffs from Polish mobile operators as of 15.12.23

Rent in 4 steps

Rent steps
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Fill out the short form on the "Order" subpage.

Choose the city/country or continent where you want to use the Internet, as well as the duration of its usage. Then specify the daily package and fill in the delivery and return details.

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Collect the router before your trip.

The courier will deliver the router a few days before your trip. You can also pick it up at one of our pickup points in Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, or Lodz, even within 30 minutes of placing the order.

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Enjoy unlimited access to the internet during your journey.

XOXO WiFi will automatically activate in the country and on the day specified in the form.

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After your return, please send back XOXO WiFi to our headquarters or purchase it for ownership

Pack the router in the enclosed return envelope and send it to our company's headquarters address. If you want to have the router always at hand before your next trip - BUY XOXO WiFi.

Important information

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You have access to the internet immediately after landing or crossing the border.

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Once you receive XOXO WiFi, you can connect to the router/pair it with your devices even while in Poland. However, the actual network connection will be established at the time and location you specified in the form.

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With each XOXO WiFi set, you will receive an international charger/multi-adapter that fits all types of power sockets worldwide, as well as a charging cable and user manual.

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You can check your daily data usage by logging into the customer portal or entering the appropriate website address in your browser, which you can find in the user manual.

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You can increase your data package or extend the rental period at any time, even during your trip. You can do it yourself in just a minute through the customer portal or by contacting us. The new package will be activated within a few hours after the payment is made.

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After your first trip, you will receive a permanent 5% discount on all subsequent trips.

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We issue a VAT invoice for every order.

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You can rent or purchase the XOXO WiFi router. Check out why it's worth having your own XOXO WiFi ---> [link to Buy Now].

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Take control of your XOXO WiFi with our client portal. Create an account and manage your router independently. Monitor your data usage, change packages, and enjoy personalized discounts. You can set up your client portal in just a minute here --->

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