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Why XOXO WiFi?

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Security and privacy

With XOXO WiFi you can log in to the Bank abroad and transfer important files. Data security is our priority. Each device uses modern security systems, so you can be sure that your data is protected.

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Fast and stable connection

The router connects you to the best operator in your location. When you move, it automatically switches you to a faster network. XOXO WiFi means comfort and certainty that you will never stay without Internet access. Even after using your daily data package, the service provides you with continuous access to the network.

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No hidden costs

With XOXO WiFi, you decide how much you will spend on the Internet, adjusting the daily data package to your needs. You will use more GB than you bought? It's standard. Your bill for the service will be pre-determined before your trip anyway and will not change.

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Up to 95% savings on roaming charges

No more high roaming bills after travel. An hour of internet connection outside home country may cost you more than a whole week with XOXO WiFi. Thanks to cooperation with over 350 operators around the world, we guarantee the lowest rates and the best coverage


always where you are!

unlimited data from 6,9$ per day

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Turn on the navigation on your smartphone during your trip.

Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze

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Stay in touch
with friends and family.

Maile, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber

Why you will love XOXO WiFi?

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Share your experiences on social media.

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter

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Surf the Internet whenever you want to.

No limitations.

Rent in 4 steps

Rent steps
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Fill out the short form on the "Order" subpage.

Select one country or several countries where you can use the Internet and its available terminal. Select only those days that use the Internet, without the duration of the shipment. Universal data package and full delivery and return details.

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Pick up a router before the travel

The courier will deliver the router a 2-3 days before your trip. You can also pick it up at one of our pick-up points in Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw or Lodz, even within 30 minutes after placing your order.

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Enjoy unlimited access to the internet during your trip

XOXO WiFi will automatically activate in the destination country and on the day marked in the form.

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After returning, send the XOXO WiFi back to our headquarters or buy it on your own

Pack the router into the enclosed prepaid return envelope and send it to our company's headquarters address. If you want to have the router on hand for your next trip, consider purchasing XOXO WiFi.

How works Xoxo WiFi

How it works

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They trusted us:

Mobile internet access in Venezuela - XOXO WiFi - Your window to the world

Travel to Venezuela, a country with an incredibly diverse culture and extraordinary landscapes, is becoming increasingly popular. In the age of global communications, staying online is crucial for both travelers and business travelers. But how do you ensure mobile internet while far from home?


Internet abroad - a solution to your problems

The ease of accessing the Internet in a foreign country is not always obvious. That's why devices such as a mobile wifi router have been developed, allowing you to keep a reliable connection to the network at your fingertips. One of the recommended solutions is XOXO WiFi, which allows users to enjoy unlimited wireless Internet wherever they are.


How does the XOXO WiFi Internet on the go work?

The router for mobile internet abroad is a compact device that will successfully fit in your pocket or bag. XOXO WiFi does not need a constant power source, which is especially important during long days exploring the beauty of Venezuela. The e-SIM technology used means that we don't have to worry about local SIM cards - just turn on the device and enjoy a stable connection.


Mobile Internet without limit to Venezuela - is it possible?

When traveling abroad, many people worry about restrictions on Internet access. XOXO WiFi eliminates these worries by offering unlimited wireless internet. This means we can surf the web, transfer data or use social media without worrying about additional costs.


Advantages of XOXO WiFi Internet in Venezuela

  • Mobile Internet available in every corner of the country
  • Easy and intuitive use
  • No need for long-term contracts
  • Mobile wifi router ideal for travel
  • Compatible with multiple devices simultaneously


XOXO WiFi is a solution that will make traveling to Venezuela even more convenient. Mobile Internet access with this technology is simple and does not require complicated procedures. Whether it's a business trip or a vacation, the mobile router guarantees a constant and hassle-free internet connection. Keep in mind that when using the Internet abroad, it is worth taking care of the security of our data. Using a trusted ISP such as XOXO WiFi is a way to avoid the risks associated with using unsecured public hotspots.


Accessing wireless Internet in a foreign country no longer has to be a problem. By choosing the right solutions, we can enjoy unlimited network access, which will certainly make it easier to both work and entertain ourselves during our stay in Venezuela.

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