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Why XOXO WiFi?

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Security and privacy

With XOXO WiFi you can log in to the Bank abroad and transfer important files. Data security is our priority. Each device uses modern security systems, so you can be sure that your data is protected.

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Fast and stable connection

The router connects you to the best operator in your location. When you move, it automatically switches you to a faster network. XOXO WiFi means comfort and certainty that you will never stay without Internet access. Even after using your daily data package, the service provides you with continuous access to the network.

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No hidden costs

With XOXO WiFi, you decide how much you will spend on the Internet, adjusting the daily data package to your needs. You will use more GB than you bought? It's standard. Your bill for the service will be pre-determined before your trip anyway and will not change.

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Up to 95% savings on roaming charges

No more high roaming bills after travel. An hour of internet connection outside home country may cost you more than a whole week with XOXO WiFi. Thanks to cooperation with over 350 operators around the world, we guarantee the lowest rates and the best coverage


always where you are!

unlimited data from 6,9$ per day

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Turn on the navigation on your smartphone during your trip.

Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze

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Stay in touch
with friends and family.

Maile, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber

Why you will love XOXO WiFi?

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Share your experiences on social media.

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Surf the Internet whenever you want to.

No limitations.

Rent in 4 steps

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Fill out the short form on the "Order" subpage.

Select one country or several countries where you can use the Internet and its available terminal. Select only those days that use the Internet, without the duration of the shipment. Universal data package and full delivery and return details.

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Pick up a router before the travel

The courier will deliver the router a 2-3 days before your trip. You can also pick it up at one of our pick-up points in Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw or Lodz, even within 30 minutes after placing your order.

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Enjoy unlimited access to the internet during your trip

XOXO WiFi will automatically activate in the destination country and on the day marked in the form.

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After returning, send the XOXO WiFi back to our headquarters or buy it on your own

Pack the router into the enclosed prepaid return envelope and send it to our company's headquarters address. If you want to have the router on hand for your next trip, consider purchasing XOXO WiFi.

How works Xoxo WiFi

How it works

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They trusted us:

Wireless Internet in the Canary Islands

Canary Islands - a paradise for tourists and the demand for Internet

The Canary Islands are a place that attracts millions of tourists each year, thirsty for sunshine, beautiful beaches and a unique culture. However, the modern traveler, in addition to a suitcase full of clothes or sunscreen, needs an indispensable attribute - a stable Internet connection. Mobile Internet accessibility is becoming crucial for both relaxing and working abroad.


XOXO WiFi - your mobile Internet connection

XOXO WiFi is an innovative solution that meets the needs of even the most demanding users. It makes unlimited mobile Internet use possible anywhere on the globe, and the Canary Islands are no exception. When going to the Canary Islands, it is worth thinking about renting or buying a portable WiFi router, which will allow you to access the network regardless of your location.


High-speed LTE mobile Internet - ideal for travelers.

The XOXO WiFi offer includes a package with unlimited LTE mobile Internet, which guarantees high data speeds. Such an option is especially useful if you plan longer stays in the Canary Islands or need high-speed Internet for streaming, video calls with loved ones or even remote work.


Mobile Internet abroad - your center of connectivity

Investing in mobile Internet abroad is a convenient solution for people who travel frequently. The small size of the device makes the mobile WiFi Internet fit into any bag or backpack. It allows multiple devices to be connected simultaneously, which is convenient for families or groups of friends.


Benefits of using XOXO WiFi Internet in the Canary Islands:

  • Unlimited mobile Internet - LTE speed provides the convenience of browsing and using apps;
  • Portable WiFi router - lightweight and easy to use provides connectivity in every corner of the islands;
  • Ease of use - intuitive to use and configure, both for experienced users and laymen.


When planning a trip to the Canary Islands, it's a good idea to secure reliable Internet access. With XOXO WiFi, you won't have to worry about costly roaming or searching for public hotspots. Prepare accordingly and enjoy the freedom of using the Internet in the Canaries, whether you're relaxing on the beach, exploring volcanic landscapes or working remotely under a palm tree.

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