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Internet in Mexico 2024 - which is the best?

Added: 18.01.2024, Updated: 05.02.2024,

Mexico is a remote country famous for its beautiful weather, amazing sights and spicy food. During your stay in this country, it is worth taking care of Internet access. Which network is the best? Is buying a local SIM card a good solution?

The most popular operators in Mexico

Mexico - Unlimited XOXO WiFi Internet on a Mobile Router

There are various telecommunications networks in Mexico, but by far the most popular is Telcel. SIM cards from this operator cost about a few dozen pesos and allow you to use the Internet and make calls to the US and Canada. However, it is important to note that each of the services mentioned has an additional fee. The SIM card must be recharged - this can be done at grocery stores, operator outlets and online, through the website. The recharged amount is used up as you use the network.

Local SIM cards can be cost-effective especially if you have access to hotel Wi-Fi, but want to use the network while sightseeing. Pre-paid, however, often proves to be a rather expensive option for internet in Mexico, especially if you plan to consume up to several GB of data per day. Those who work remotely or use the Internet for entertainment must therefore rely on a slightly different option.

Internet in Mexico - Mobile eSIM router

Presentation of XOXO WiFi Mobile Router in Mexico

Before you leave for Mexico, you can rent an eSIM mobile router from XOXO WiFi. It's a small device that will be perfect for exploring the country, among other things. The equipment works with an eSIM card - no activation of the physical card is required. It automatically connects to the best available network, so it can also work where the coverage of the most popular operators is relatively poor. It provides access to secure Wi-Fi - free networks in public places pose a risk of data theft.

The eSIM router has a major advantage over traditional SIM cards. It provides internet in Mexico to up to five devices at the same time. It works well when traveling with family or friends. You can quickly connect smartphones, as well as tablets, laptops or even some TVs to the router.

Routers from XOXO WiFi provide unlimited Internet access. Once the purchased number of GB is used, there is only a slowdown of the network (in a similar situation with traditional prepaid SIM cards, the user completely loses access to the Internet). For this reason, the router will work great when you need a larger data package at an attractive price. You only need to pay once to enjoy unlimited Internet throughout your trip.

Rent XOXO WiFi Router to Mexico


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