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Internet in the United Arab Emirates 2024 - XOXO WiFi

Added: 01.09.2023, Updated: 10.05.2024,

Countries from the Middle East at the outset may seem unattractive to the average tourist. The first thought - one big desert, devoid of any attractions. Nothing could be further from the truth! Modern Arab countries hide real treasures, and the Middle East has become the most attractive destination for Polish (and not only) businessmen. Leading the way in this case is the United Arab Emirates. Dubai or Abu Dhabi have become modern synonyms for places where European entrepreneurs meet and establish cooperation with local business tycoons.

In such a situation, information on Internet access in the Emirates will be very useful for Polish companies. Due to the fact that this is a country from Asia - roaming costs for phones and transfers can amount to exorbitant sums. Once upon a time a British tourist found this out very brutally. Is it possible to cut costs for Internet services in the Emirates? Let's find out!

Internet in the United Arab Emirates 2024A very popular move among tourists is to buy a local SIM card from a mobile operator. This is indeed a sensible solution, as relative to roaming it is much cheaper. There are two telecommunications companies in the UAE: Etisalat and Du Mobile. They offer the possibility to buy a SIM card with a corresponding package of minutes and MB/GB of Internet data to use.

However, keep in mind that when you buy the card, you have to register the number by giving the person selling it your personal information (mainly from your passport). This will certainly not be good information for those who prefer to remain anonymous in the Emirates. With a SIM card, a tourist depends solely on a cell phone.

Internet in the United Arab Emirates 2024It is also possible to use wi-fi hotspots in public places (i.e. restaurants, hotels, etc. ). The advantage will certainly be the ability to keep costs to a minimum - usually the use of public Internet is free. However, the quality of the connection will rather leave a lot to be desired. Few people also realize that public networks are not secured in any way. This means that all data related to, for example, a bank account or a company, can become a greedy morsel for hackers!

The question remains - is there a solution to the problem of Internet access in the UAE so that we guarantee ourselves a permanent and secure connection to the network and do not pay for it like grain? There is the possibility of taking your own router with you. The latest technology means that you no longer need to buy a SIM card, but just one device alone to provide Internet access to even several people at once. The future is XOXO WiFi!
With the XOXO WiFi router, each user is guaranteed unlimited Internet access. There is no need to buy anything extra or pay extra for additional services. Customers pay only for the service of renting the device itself and for shipping. The router is small in size and, despite its small size, can provide access to the 4G LTE network on several devices at once. This means that one device can effectively solve the problem of Internet access in the UAE and beyond. XOXO WiFi currently has more than 140 countries from all continents of the world in its portfolio. That's a really sizable number for a single device.

The United Arab Emirates, despite the previously mentioned obstacles, is a country that can become tourist and business traveler friendly from abroad in terms of Internet access. XOXO WiFi can be a perfect solution for both leisure visitors and business travelers to this country. The router can be ordered by selecting United Arab Emirates at . It's quick, easy and saves you no small amount of money. All that remains is to wish all tourists and business travelers a successful stay in the Emirates.


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