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Mobile Internet in China 2023

Dodano: 28.07.2023, Zaktualizowano: 12.12.2023,
The economic growth of China is leading to an increasing number of Polish companies attempting to export their products to the Chinese market, opening up many new opportunities for both sides. At the same time, traveling to China for tourism is also gaining popularity, thanks to its rich culture, magnificent landscapes and unique history and traditions. That's why we decided to write a small guide on how to acquire internet in this exotic country :)

XOXO WiFi mobile router

This small, pocket-sized mobile router works seamlessly in China as well as throughout Asia. Thanks to its patented E-SIM technology, the XOXO WiFi connects to the best available network in a given location, providing the user with the fastest Internet where they are. In addition, the router guarantees security and convenience, which is an unbelievably important feature when it comes to China. With this solution, you will have constant access to the Internet, without the need to use local SIM cards or search for available Wi-Fi networks. The XOXO WiFi is the perfect companion when exploring China and guarantees that no Internet problem will spoil your travel experience. As an added bonus, the XOXO WiFi can be connected to up to 5 devices simultaneously, so you can work on your laptop, smartphone or tablet at the same time. From China's point of view, XOXO WiFi seems to be the most sensible option.
router XOXO WiFi


Of course, the fastest to use and easiest way to connect to the network in China is through international roaming. However, by the horrendous intercontinental amounts, we recommend using it only in emergency situations. Otherwise, you can get a really high Internet bill of several thousand zloty for 1GB of data. Mobile Internet in China, despite its convenience, unfortunately can be very expensive at the same time.

WiFi hotspots

In metropolises such as Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, wifi hotspots are widespread to the point that you can easily connect to the Internet through them even on the subway. This is certainly good news for those looking for the cheapest possible (in this case - completely free) access to the network. However, do not forget that with a public hotspot you will literally be tied to one place, while their popularity among the rest of the city's residents can make the connection speed very slow. Public WiFi as mobile Internet China is also not one of the secure methods of connecting to the network. Because of the lack of security, you can become a greedy morsel for hackers!

Internet cafes

kafejki internetowe w ChinachMaybe it can't be called something that would fit under the name "Mobile Internet China," however, we add this item as a curiosity. While Internet cafes have completely gone out of style in Poland, such places are still quite popular in China. If you spot a building on a Chinese street with a signboard that reads "网吧 (wangba)," know that at this point you'll be going back some 15 years ;) . This will certainly be a more convenient and faster option than a hotspot, however, it too will not guarantee your safety. Well, and admission to the cafe is already paid.

SIM cards

In China, you can purchase a SIM card from three local networks: China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom. With a properly purchased package, you will be able to surf the Internet as much as the limit on the card. However, for those taking a lot of electronics to China (laptops, tablets, etc. ) this will not be a good solution, as in any case the Internet will only be reachable on the phone. In addition, with a Chinese card you acquire a new number, so don't forget that you may not have contacts on your device and people may have trouble calling you!
You can see above that there are many ways to secure mobile Internet access in China. however, only the XOXO WiFI router, will guarantee you constant, fast and secure access to Mobile Internet in China.

PS: Remember the operation of the so-called "Great Firewall" - A censored and government-controlled Internet. Unfortunately, the Internet in China is still censored by the government until now, and no option will directly guarantee connection to sites such as Google or Facebook. In February 2018, the Chinese government also blocked Whatsapp so we recommend using Chinese messenger WeChat. With travelers to China in mind, we have introduced the China (VPN) package, which allows you to bypass censorship and use the Internet safely, including access to Google search or WhatsApp. With this package, you will be able to enjoy free access to the Internet while in China, without worrying about censorship and restrictions due to blocking of certain services :)


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