• 12.09.2018

    Roaming in Japan

    Roaming in Japan - XOXO WiFi
    It’s not only a problem in Japan. You can easily overpay for souvenirs, food or tourist attractions. But many people nearly always becomes a victim to one trap, which means that many travelers have to pay a lot of money. It’s an internet access in Japan. What causes such huge fees for mobile Internet? Is there any solution to this bothering...
  • 07.09.2018

    Roaming in China

    Roaming in China - XOXO WiFi
    “Roaming” or “Roaming charges” are currently one of the most searched terms in search engines. That’s not surprising, since a lot of tourists travel all over the world and according to the organization of a peaceful departure, everyone must check all the details related to the country. That's why by typing "roaming...
  • 22.06.2018

    Roaming in USA

    Roaming in USA - XOXO WiFi
    Roaming in USA   Certainly many of you have heard about the word "roaming" at least once in your life. In this article we would like to present, what’s hidden under this expression and how it works in other countries - in this case the example of the United States.   What is roaming?   Roaming is a mechanism...
  • 04.12.2017

    Is XOXO WiFi worth using during business trips?

    Is XOXO WiFi worth using during business trips? - XOXO WiFi
    Is XOXO WiFi worth using during business trips? As foreign investment increases rapidly in Poland, there are more and more business travels to countries located far or near. Business travels can last up to few months so it’s really important to make this time convenient for an employee while abroad. It turned out lately that connection to...
  • 28.11.2017

    Best travel gadgets in 2018

    Best travel gadgets in 2018 - XOXO WiFi
    Best travel gadgets in 2018 An exciting year is coming! We’ve made subjective rank of best travel gadgets in 2018 in random order. Some of them are must-haves for nerds and the other are just smaller versions of necessary everyday items but everything on this list is extra convenient to travel with around the world! 1. Pocket steam iron Have...