How to stay connected in Europe in 2021?

How to stay connected in Europe in 2021? - XOXO WiFi

How to stay connected in Europe?

How do you imagine a typical travel? A sightseer with a camera, hat and hundred of maps, who is always asking, where is a monument, street or other place. Currently tourists has less problem with the Internet connection, which could find anything we want. However, this option is not always very cheap. In our article we will show, how you can possibly connect to the Internet during your abroad trip. Hope it will be very useful ;)


It’s probably the easiest way to stay online in Europe. You only have to turn on your Internet servic in your phone, and you’re already connected to local mobile provider. Well, but don’t be surprised after achieving a really high bill after using the Internet. Unfortunately, if you’re not from EU, roaming usage will be very expensive. So if you’re not able to use rest of written below possibilities of connecting to the Internet, try to use roaming only in emergency moments.



Hotspots are currently very popular way to stay connected to the Web. Mainly because of fact, that you don’t have to pay for it. In some ways you only have to know the password to connect there (mainly in restaurant or hotel hotspot). However, you’re depended on the place, where hotspot is situated. You won’t be able to use it for example outside the town. But the main disadvantage is safety. Most hotspot has no protection (like WPA2) and your documents or any other important data could be stolen. Be sure, that hotspots are not a very good option if you have to do your work online.

Local hotspot


Available to use in 140 countries (38 from Europe). You don’t need to search any place where you will be able to use it. You only have to press one button, and you can use the Internet whenever you want and everywhere. It’s also much cheaper way than using international roaming. XOXO WiFi is also protected (nobody will steal your data) and has 24/7 IT service, which will help you in any situation. You can order your router here:


SIM Cards

Finally SIM Cards. They are very useful, because it’s cheaper way than roaming and you will also be able to use it everywhere you want. But it also could be problematic. You will have new phone number after putting new card in your mobile. Be prepared that your friends will know that they won’t phone you through your common phone number. Another problem is fact, that SIM Cards could be difficult to buy in small towns.

Mobile phones with SIM Cards

To sum up, there are many ways to achieve an Internet connection in Europe, so you don’t have to worry. Some solutions could be very simple to use along, but their price of usage could be really high. Using XOXO WIFi is really easy and cheap, so this could be the most reasonable idea when you are going to the European trip. Have an unforgettable journey with XOXO!