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What does it work with and what is it used for?

The router can be connected to all electronic devices equipped with WiFi, such as:

  • PCs, laptops, tablets (iPad, Samsung, Kindle, etc.);
  • smartphones (iOS, Android, Blackberry, etc.);
  • WiFi-enabled gaming consoles (Sony PS Vita, Nintendo 3DS, Nvidia Shield, Razer Edge, etc.);
  • and many other devices with WiFi access.


It is used for:

  • Using maps to navigate (Google Maps, Waze, TripAdvisor);
  • Finding tourist information about places, landmarks, artworks, museums;
  • Searching for and booking hotels, restaurants, theaters, cinemas, public transportation, and opening hours;
  • Sending and receiving email messages with attachments;
  • Updating one's status on favorite social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram);
  • Making and receiving VoIP calls (Skype, Viber, Whatsapp, etc.);
  • Conducting conference calls, updating documents in the cloud, transferring large files;
  • And so forth.


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