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Why travel during the COVID pandemic?

Added: 24.08.2023, Updated: 12.12.2023,
September is coming to an end, which means that the holiday season is also coming to an end. Children have started the school term, while their parents are returning to their working lives. However, if you haven't taken a vacation yet this year - head on over! It's never too late for a vacation and the coronavirus restrictions are coming down :)  A good trip is a great idea to use your days off. Below we'll show you why travel is great.

You will see a piece of the world

Remember that you only live once, so it's really worth expanding your horizons and seeing more. The world is really beautiful and hides all sorts of places that many people have not heard of at all. Not only outside Poland, because such places as Wielka Siklawa or Zalipie village are not known by all compatriots, and they are really worth a visit! By taking great photos you will make a souvenir for the rest of your life, which you can pass down from generation to generation.

You will try new dishes

Pork loin with potatoes is a delicious and nutritious dish - we will not argue with anyone about this ;) Well, but how much can you? In many corners of the world you will be able to expand your knowledge with more and more interesting dishes, which you can prepare for your friends in the future and surprise them with new flavors. Especially since dishes based on seafood or rice are often also very healthy, which is good news for all travelers who want to be fit. In an earlier article you can check out what to order in foreign restaurants.

You will learn about new cultures

The folklore associated with the nations is something that is really worth knowing in detail. Costumes, songs, dances - in these matters people will be open to tourists and will be more than happy to initiate you into their customs. This will result in an expanded knowledge of the world, which you can pass on to your children or friends. And attending one of the many festivals in Japan or the cranaval in Rio guarantees an unforgettable experience....
festiwale za granicą

You will make new friends

...and you will greatly expand your circle of friends with new people from all over the world. In this way you can also encourage them to travel, especially since Poland is a really beautiful country and it is worth recommending a trip to our area to them. Nowadays, the Internet will make it possible to maintain such distant contacts, so it is all the more worthwhile to meet new people from outside our country, because the complete severance of permanent contact in modern times does not threaten us.

Career success

By learning the culture and language of a country, you will cause your resume to expand significantly. Nowadays, companies are in dire need of employees with knowledge of more and more exotic languages. Greater professional aptitude usually means higher wages, so you yourself will admit that this is really tempting. Besides - these days you can also work abroad. Or even working and traveling around the world at the same time. Impossible? Digital Nomads show that, as much as possible, you can combine pleasant with useful. We will write about them in detail in the future.

You will guarantee yourself an unforgettable holiday

What would a trip be if you were to only get tired during it? This is the perfect time for a vacation, during which you can relax on a beautiful beach. You have plenty of options - the Canary Islands, Croatia, Greece, Malta, for the more demanding Kenya, the Caribbean or even Pacific islands like Fiji or French Polynesia. These places are a guarantee of perfect weather, so you don't have to equip yourself with umbrellas or fear that your vacation will end in rainy days.

Travel broadens horizons.

By observing the customs of a country other than Poland, you can only make yourself feel better by transferring them to your own home. For example - the Danish lifestyle called Hygge, based on rejecting consumerism and focusing on comfort and achieving happiness through small things, can be confidently introduced into your own home. By learning about foreign cuisine, you can start a restaurant that will succeed through an unusual menu. Possibilities are really abundant, you can only be limited by your imagination, travel - on the contrary.

After reading this text, we're holy that you're already writing a vacation request to your boss and looking for tickets for your next trip. Traveling really will make you feel better. However, we warn you that you can get addicted to travel as much as possible. Especially since with our XOXO WiFi routers, traveling around the world will no longer be a nuisance in terms of internet connection. Travel wherever your soul desires - it's really worth it :)


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