Secure, Personal WiFi
anyplace, anytime

One click and you have Internet in more than 130 countries

How it works

No extra payment, without any contract, roaming free.

XOXO WiFi is a small and easy in use mobile router, which you can put it in your pocket and enjoy private, safe and truly unlimited Internet access at nearly every place in the world. Our patented technology XOXO WiFi connects with best range local mobile operator, which will guarantee fast and  trusted 3G+/4G Internet connection. You can pair router up to 5 mobile devices (smartphones, notebooks, tablets, PSP etc. ) at the same time!

You doesn't need any contract to use XOXO WiFi. You only have to fill our rental form and use XOXO WiFi during your trip and return it to us at the finish. Be careful - XOXO WiFi could be really addictive :)

Advantages of XOXO WiFi

which enable umlimited Internet access
on smartphones, tablets and laptops

  • 8 hours of continuous use,
    20 hours on standby
  • Ability to support
    up to 5 devices
  • Use one hotspot
    for multiple countries
  • Total control with a
    WPA2 encrypted password
  • Easy in use, SIM-free,
    no hidden charges
Rent now

Get it in 3 easy steps

  • Order your XOXO WiFi before you go

    Fill in a form about your contact details and dates of your stay. The application must be submitted no less than 4-10 days before the rental (depending on the country you choose). Once your application has been submitted you will receive confirmation of charges.

  • Payment

    The rental fees are paid at the time the application is submitted. You can pay by Credit Card or PayPal system. XOXO WiFi will not charge a deposit for orders placed using a Credit Card/PayPal via the official website.

  • Collect your pocket WiFi

    Our package will come to you from 1 to 3 days before selected in order date. Turn on XOXO with one button and enjoy the Internet connection whenever and wherever you are. Using device is very easy and clear user’s manual will help you if you will have any doubts.


We cover over 130 countries

Coverage map - XOXO WiFi

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