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Internet in Egypt 2024 - prices, operators

Added: 18.01.2024, Updated: 18.01.2024,

Egypt is one of the more popular vacation destinations among Poles. The country is relatively cheap and is famous for its beautiful weather even in winter. How to take care of permanent access to the Internet during a stay in Egypt? How much do such services cost?

Internet quality in Egypt

Egypt - Unlimited XOXO WiFi Internet on a Mobile Router

The internet in Egypt is quite poor, especially compared to the quality of the network in Poland. Hotel Wi-Fi usually leaves much to be desired, so many people choose to buy local SIM cards. You can count on good network speed mainly in tourist places, large cities and resorts. Outside these places, internet in Egypt in terms of coverage is sometimes poor - in many locations there is only one operator.

How much does internet cost in Egypt?

Internet roaming in Egypt is extremely expensive. You have to pay even more than 40 PLN for 1 MB of network from a Polish operator. For this reason, a better idea is to buy a local SIM card or rent a mobile router on an eSIM.

Egypt has operators such as Etisalat, Orange, Vodafone and We. The latter has the worst reviews, with poor coverage in most places. In general, you have to pay around $8 for a SIM card that provides access to a few GB of Internet. Larger packages are definitely more expensive. 40 GB costs more than $20.

SIM cards can already be purchased at the airport, although here they are more expensive than at small outlets in the city. You should only buy them at authorized stores - not at stalls! In Egypt, the card must also be registered by showing your passport. It is also necessary to activate it on the operator's website, which requires connecting to public Wi-Fi, which is not always secure.

What instead of a SIM card in Egypt?

XOXO WiFi Mobile RouterAn alternative to a SIM card that covers the Internet in Egypt is an eSIM router. It automatically connects to the best available network, so it also works where most operators' wavelengths are quite weak. Up to five devices can be connected to the router from XOXO WiFi at the same time. This makes it a great solution for people traveling in larger groups who want to save money.

The eSIM router provides access to unlimited Internet. When the purchased data package is used up, the network slows down, but does not disappear completely. The service is paid for once - during the rental. The router does not need to be recharged, as is the case with local pre-paid SIM cards. The device should be rented already in Poland and taken with you on your trip.

Rent an XOXO WiFi Router to Egypt now!


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