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What are the advantages of purchasing XOXO WiFi?

When it comes to frequent travels, purchasing XOXO WiFi offers several advantages:

  1. You receive a consistent 10% discount off the base package. Additionally, payment only applies to the days when the router was used and data was consumed. If you didn't use the router in a particular month, you won't receive any invoice.
  2. You avoid the costs associated with shipping and return, which occur in rental situations. Renting a router often involves paying shipping costs upon receiving the device and when returning it.
  3. You gain full control over the device. In case of sudden trips, you don't have to worry about whether the router will be delivered on time or if rental routers will be available. XOXO WiFi remains with you, ready for your next journey, providing greater convenience and comfort.
  4. Through the customer panel, you can easily manage your package at any time. Need more data? Not a problem. Don't consume the selected package and want to limit costs? Go ahead!

Moreover, by purchasing the XOXO WiFi router outright, you won't have to worry about language barriers or the unavailability of SIM cards abroad. Having your own router assures stable and secure internet connectivity wherever you are. You won't have to rely on public WiFi hotspots, often inadequately secured. Your XOXO WiFi router ensures a private, secure connection, without sharing it with other users, ensuring greater protection of your data and comfortable internet use


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