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What do you need to turn off on your smartphone abroad?

Added: 18.01.2024, Updated: 29.01.2024,

Before going abroad, it is worth remembering a few things. Neglecting these duties can make the trip involve gigantic costs. What options on your smartphone should you turn off during a trip abroad?

Internet on the phone vs. foreign trips

XOXO WiFi unlimited internet phone

In Poland, most operators allow the use of mobile Internet within a purchased package. Abroad, however, Polish SIM cards work in roaming. Within the European Union, you can count on up to a few GB for free, as part of a subscription or prepaid package. Problems arise, however, when traveling outside the EU. What do you need to turn off on your phone abroad?

If you are planning a trip to a distant country, turn off your cellular data even before the plane takes off. That way you won't forget about it after landing, when your smartphone automatically connects to a foreign network. On some phones, data turns on by itself when you turn off airplane mode, so it's worth paying attention. Even just 1 MB of data from a foreign network can cost several tens of zlotys.

However, there are situations when a smartphone user turns on network access out of habit. In such a situation, a safer solution is to remove the SIM card completely and insert it into the device only after landing in Poland. Such a solution prevents huge costs resulting from inattention.

What about the Internet while traveling abroad?

XOXO WiFi router - unlimited mobile internet access

Abroad, using a Polish SIM card is extremely expensive. So how do you stay online during such trips? Many people choose to purchase a local SIM card, but this is not an ideal solution. It allows you to use the Internet according to your country's tariffs, but not on the same good terms as a subscription. You can usually buy a SIM card already at the airport, but you have to activate it and, in some countries, register it.

Another solution is an eSIM router. This is a mobile device that automatically connects to foreign networks at no extra charge. You can order it already in Poland, before your flight. The eSIM router from XOXO WiFi will work well even when touring several countries, which cannot be said of SIM cards.

You can successfully connect five devices to the router at the same time. The fee is fixed - it is paid at the time of renting the device. The customer can independently choose a data package for the trip, and after using it, use a slower, but unlimited Internet.

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