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SIM card abroad 2024 - is it worth it?

Added: 18.01.2024, Updated: 29.01.2024,

When traveling abroad, especially outside the European Union, many people choose to purchase a local SIM card. Such a solution may make sense, but it carries certain limitations. Does it pay to buy a SIM card abroad? What are better alternatives to this option?

Cards for tourists, or pre-paid

SIM cards - XOXO WiFi

If you are planning a short trip abroad, a prepaid card is the best choice. It is usually quite cheap, but requires ongoing recharging. The deposited money is charged to the card when you use the Internet according to the price list of the respective operator. So this solution can be very expensive, especially if you plan to use the web also for entertainment or remote work.

However, a pre-paid card is still more cost-effective than using roaming from a Polish operator or packages created with a specific country in mind. Outside the European Union, you have to pay even tens of zlotys for 1 MB, so the best solution turns out to be removing the Polish SIM card from the device completely for the duration of the trip.

SIM card abroad vs. restrictions

A SIM card abroad also brings with it some limitations. Most often the following problems arise in connection with this solution:

  • the card does not fit the smartphone - some devices have a SIMlock that prevents the operation of foreign SIM cards,
  • long activation time - sometimes the waiting time for the activation code is even several hours,
  • the possibility of using only in a specific country - SIM cards do not work well when touring more countries,
  • communication problems - you need to buy a SIM card at local points, but not in every country you can get along in English,
  • limited internet access - the SIM card allows you to use a purchased data package or requires ongoing recharging.

XOXO WiFi Mobile RouterWhat instead of a SIM card abroad?

An alternative to a SIM card abroad is, among others, a router from XOXO WiFi. This is a mobile device that must be ordered already in Poland. The service includes a selected data package, after which the Internet slows down, but does not disappear completely. Thus, the user can count on constant access to the network throughout the trip for a fee paid once, at the beginning of the cooperation.

The eSIM router allows you to use the Internet in up to 150 countries. It will prove great for trips that cover several countries. The device automatically switches between operators, searching for the best available network in a given location. So it also works where the coverage of a particular company is poor.

Rent an XOXO WiFi router today!


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