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Internet in Thailand 2024 - which one to choose?

Added: 18.01.2024, Updated: 28.01.2024,

Thailand is a very popular vacation destination. It has to offer not only beautiful beaches and delicious food, but also sights spread all over the country. When visiting this country, it is worth taking care of internet access. Which solution will work best?

SIM cards in Thailand

Tourist in Thailand with XOXO WiFi Internet.

There are many operators in Thailand, but the most popular in the country are AIS, DTAC and TrueMove. Not all of these networks provide good coverage throughout the country. AIS has the best reviews, providing attractive prepaid card data packages. However, you have to recharge the card to use the Internet - there is no single, fixed fee paid in advance for the entire period of network use.

Pre-paid cards are not always cost-effective. You can count on much better conditions in the case of a subscription, but they are associated with the need to sign a contract for at least six months. So such a solution will not work for shorter trips.

Internet in Thailand - Offers for tourists

There are also cards created for tourists in Thailand. They are only valid for a few days and allow limited internet access. Cards of this type can be found primarily at airports. However, they are relatively expensive and come with many restrictions.

Regardless of the SIM card chosen, it is necessary to activate it. Sometimes this process even takes several hours. There are also smartphones that do not read foreign SIM cards, which can generate all sorts of problems. Fortunately, there is another way to get internet in Thailand.

Mobile router for travel in Thailand

Thailand - Unlimited XOXO WiFi Internet on a Mobile Router

A mobile eSIM router is an interesting alternative to the classic SIM cards purchased directly upon arrival in Thailand. Such a device can be rented even before departure. All you need to do is bring it with you and activate it once you are at the airport. The mobile eSIM router from XOXO WiFi automatically connects to the best available network - even in places where coverage from some operators is limited.

The eSIM mobile router allows you to use unlimited internet throughout your stay, for a fee paid at the time of equipment rental. Once the purchased package is used, the network slows down, but still allows you to use a search engine or even maps. As a result, you don't have to worry about additional fees - the price is perfectly clear from the start, which can't be said about classic SIM cards. The router provides internet in Thailand and more than 150 countries around the world, so it will work well for touring Asia.

Rent XOXO WiFi to Thailand


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