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When is roaming charged? 2024

Added: 18.01.2024, Updated: 31.01.2024,

Roaming is a service that allows you to use your Polish SIM card abroad as well. However, this option is extremely expensive, especially in countries outside the European Union. When is roaming charged? How to use the Internet cheaply abroad?

What is roaming?

Unlimited Internet access with XOXO WiFi

Roaming is a service that allows you to make calls, send text messages and use mobile data abroad without a SIM card. However, it is a paid option - in some countries the prices are huge, amounting to several tens of zlotys for 1 MB of Internet. When is roaming charged?

The charging of roaming fees is regulated by various agreements between mobile network operators. For this reason, before traveling, it is worth checking the terms and conditions of roaming on a particular network to avoid unexpected costs. Some regions, such as the European Union, have special roaming regulations that limit additional charges. Thus, in EU countries, you can use free Internet within the Polish subscription, but up to a specific limit - usually a few GB.

Roaming outside the European Union

Outside the European Union, roaming is unprofitable. For a minute of a call or 1 MB of mobile data you have to pay even several dozen zlotys, which after just a day can result in a bill amounting to several thousand zlotys. For this reason, tourists traveling to distant countries give up using a Polish SIM card.

Polish operators also offer roaming packages. Under such services, you can use a specific amount of data by paying in advance. These packages are limited, but allow you to use your smartphone without having to buy a local SIM card.

Presenting the Elegant XOXO WiFi Router for the best Internet experience abroadWhat instead of roaming?

If you want to use the Internet abroad without any restrictions, an eSIM router from XOXO WiFi is a good choice. All you need to do is rent it before you leave and launch it once you are in a foreign country. Such a device allows you to connect up to five smartphones, tablets or laptops at the same time and enjoy unlimited Internet without additional charges. The customer can independently choose a package for himself - after using it, the network will slow down, but will not disappear completely.

Mobile routers automatically connect to the best network available in a given location. So they also work where the range of a particular operator is limited. This is a more convenient and much cheaper alternative when roaming is charged on a Polish card, or even foreign SIM cards.

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