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Polish internet abroad 2024- does it work?

Added: 18.01.2024, Updated: 28.01.2024,

It's a good idea to make sure you have Internet access during your trips abroad. In some countries there is no need to buy local SIM cards - those from operators operating in Poland will suffice. Where do we have Polish Internet available abroad without additional fees?

Free internet as part of Polish subscription

Laptop with Unlimited XOXO WiFi InternetMany operators operating in Poland offer their customers the opportunity to use the Internet abroad as well, at no extra charge. The amount of data available under such packages varies depending on the service purchased. Many operators provide even several GB per month in roaming without additional charges. However, it should be remembered that this option is only available within the European Union. Thus, it is impossible to use the Internet as part of a standard subscription not only on other continents, but also, for example, in Switzerland.

What happens after the data package is used?

Once the free internet package is used abroad, standard fees are charged. In the European Union they are not high - usually a few pennies per MB. However, with high data consumption, the cost can be huge. In such a situation, the only solution remains the purchase of a local SIM card, which is also not a small investment.

Polish internet abroad in the EU

XOXO WiFi Mobile Router

Outside the European Union, Polish SIM cards can also be used, but then 1 MB of data costs up to several tens of zlotys. This means that even a quick check of social media or maps can involve huge expenses. So when going abroad, it's a good idea to turn on the roaming blocker or remove the Polish SIM card from the smartphone altogether.

How to gain internet access abroad?

In countries where it is not possible to use free Internet within the Polish subscription, you can successfully buy local SIM cards. However, they are usually quite expensive and allow limited use of the network. A much better choice is an eSIM router from XOXO WiFi. You can rent this device already in Poland and take it with you on a trip to one of up to 150 countries. The router also allows you to travel across several countries, automatically switching between networks.

The eSIM router will also come in handy during trips around the European Union. This is because it provides access to unlimited Internet - after using the purchased package, the network slows down, but still allows you to perform basic activities.

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