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How to have internet in China 2024?

Added: 17.01.2024, Updated: 05.02.2024,

The Internet works quite differently in China than in Poland. However, during a trip to this country, it is worth taking care of constant access to the network, which will make it easier to navigate in unfamiliar territory. How to use the Internet in China? Which solution will work best?

Internet in different regions of China

China - Unlimited XOXO WiFi Internet on Mobile Router

China is famous for its new technologies. The 5G network is very popular in the country. However, it is only available in certain regions - primarily in major cities. In the provinces, internet speeds can be slower. There are also areas where it is not possible to use the offer of individual operators.

It is also worth knowing that the Internet in China is heavily censored. Tourists traveling to the country often use VPNs, which allow them to virtually change location and bypass Chinese blockades.

Internet in China - local SIM cards

Many people traveling to China choose to purchase local SIM cards. Their price depends on the number of GB and the package chosen. Operators offer cards that only provide Internet access, as well as options that allow you to make phone calls.

However, to use a Chinese SIM card, it is necessary to verify one's identity. At points selling the services of phone network operators, you must present your passport. The purchased card must also be activated - this sometimes takes up to several hours.

When buying Chinese SIM cards, there are several problems to be aware of. It happens that products purchased, for example, in kiosks do not work or do not allow use in European smartphone models. Communication is also a problem - few people speak English in China.

Router for eSIM card bought in Poland

XOXO Presentation - Unlimited XOXO WiFi Internet on a Mobile Router

The most convenient solution available is a router with an eSIM card from XOXO WiFi, which can already be purchased in Poland. Upon arrival in China, the device automatically connects to the best available network. It allows you to use the Internet from several devices at the same time - a good choice for family trips or with friends. No activation is required - you can use the router as soon as you leave the plane.

The eSIM prepaid router saves you time. You don't have to visit local telecom outlets and worry about communication difficulties. What's more, the router provides unlimited Internet access, which can't be said of physical SIM cards. It not only provides internet in China, but also in more than 150 other countries around the world

Rent an XOXO WiFi Router to China now!


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