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Businessman on a trip

Added: 08.12.2023, Updated: 12.12.2023,

Nowadays, mobile Internet on a business trip is a necessity. It's hard to imagine, for the duration of a business trip, to completely cut yourself off from contact with the world and most importantly... with your company. How does a businessman who is on the road cope with the challenges of the modern world?

Mobile Internet while traveling

Mobile Internet on a business trip comes in handy not only for business emails, it also makes everyday life and getting around in a foreign country much easier: checking directions, language translations, booking tickets and accommodations, locating places we want to go - all such activities are possible thanks to the presence of mobile Internet on our devices. Mobile Internet also means that we can quickly send money transfers and conduct video conferences, which in some countries will cost us much less than standard phone calls.internet mobilny na wyjazd służbowy

How not to overpay on the Internet when traveling?

How do you arrange mobile Internet on a business trip in countries like the US or China? Is it possible to contact people on professional matters from anywhere on Earth? How to do it without overpaying on international calls? There is a solution for this. You can rent a WIFI router. The cost of renting such a device is much lower than roaming rates in these countries and is about 40 zlotys per day.

What are the benefits of owning an XOXO WIFI router?

internet na wyjazd służbowy XOXO WiFiXOXO WIFI means easy operation, secure connection and great savings. You can use XOXO WIFI throughout Europe, Asia, North, Central and South America, and even in the Caribbean and Canary Islands! The XOXO WIFI router guarantees network access from several mobile devices (phones, tablets, laptops), and can also be used for making phone calls and video conferencing. It's a smart, modern and affordable technological solution just in time for your business! The Internet package is available at a fixed price and you pay for the rental of the device at a mutually determined time, so you won't be surprised by any excess amount on the invoice!


Who is XOXO WiFi designed for?

The router is small in size and fits in your pocket, and is fabulously easy to use. All you have to do is turn on the router abroad, then pair it with the devices on which you want Internet. Et Voila! Simple, fast and without horrendously high roaming fees, we can enjoy unlimited mobile Internet in more than 140 countries from around the world! This is a modern solution not only for avid travelers who like to stay in touch with the world, but also businessmen on business trips and... digital nomads and all those who appreciate working remotely.



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