Global Wifi for travelers

That's why YOU NEED IT

  • Truly unlimited

    Go on the Internet as much as you want.
  • No more roaming

    Avoid costly roaming charges in an intelligent manner.
  • Stay in touch

    Share your trip experience in real time on social networking sites.
  • Secure & private

    Total control with a WPA2 encrypted password.
Modem - XOXO WiFi
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Travelers love XOXO WiFi

  • Naho - XOXO WiFi
    "Couldn't be happier to have the speedy, unlimited internet service on my trip in Europe (Croatia &Hungary)!! Thank you XOXO WiFi for making my trip smooth and comfortable :-))))" - Facebook


  • Michaela - XOXO WiFi
    "I used XOXO Wifi for my South Africa trip and loved it! We connected two smartphones and it worked perfectly fine for our entire holiday. We didn't have to buy local SIM cards and had unlimited data volume for uploading videos on social media, which was a huge advantage. There were only very few occasions in the countryside where there was no signal (same for our smartphone then). The battery lasted the whole day and we charged it overnight. The adapter is really useful and has a second USB plugin for charging your phone at the same time. I would definitely go on travels with XOXO Wifi again!" Facebook


  • Martina - XOXO WiFi
    "Very good range, quality of customer service is OUTSTANDING. We had five devices connected to Xoxo and it worked well. Just one device can be used in few different countries. It's valuable traveller's gadget. " Trustpilot