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Wi-Fi Calling - everything you need to know - XOXO WiFi

Added: 08.12.2023, Updated: 12.12.2023,

What is Wi-Fi calling?

Wi-Fi Calling, or VoWiFi, is nothing more than the ability to communicate via SMS and phone calls, without using the relevant transmitters, but Wi-Fi networks. Another variation is VoLTE, which, unlike the previous version, uses LTE to make calls. This service is very attractive because it works worldwide, and the phone number assigned to the SIM card is normally displayed when calling. Another convenience in this form of communication is that the person you are calling does not have to use the same service as you at all. This is what guarantees the freedom to maintain and establish contact.

The way to turn on

mobile internet on your phone

Wi-Fi Calling service is gaining more and more supporters. No wonder since it is a cheap and simple solution that anyone can handle. Unfortunately, it is not yet widely available on all devices. To use Wi-Fi Calling you need to have a smartphone with carrier software preloaded. Then all you need is one free text message to the operator, which will activate the service.

What's convenient is that you don't have to install any apps or configure your phone to use Wi-Fi Calling. In addition, all calls and messages are linked to the inbox on your phone and the call directory. So no separate place is created to store and hold calls, which can introduce additional chaos instead of the desired organization.

It's worth knowing

Speaking of Wi-Fi Calling, one more important thing should be mentioned. If you use the service thanks to your operator outside the country, you are bound by Polish rates for the call you make. Someone could say that, after all, having access to a wireless network, you can always use a downloaded communicator instead of Wi-Fi Calling, and it actually comes out to one thing.

However, the case is somewhat different. The thing about the VoWiFi service is that you don't need any communicator to make a call. All you need is the phone itself and that's what, makes it so attractive.

XOXO WiFi abroad

If you're traveling abroad and plan to use Wi-Fi calling be sure to get the XOXO WiFi. This portable router will provide you with unlimited Internet access, allowing you to seamlessly stay in touch with loved ones and easily communicate with your co-workers or boss. The XOXO WiFi features unique eSIM technology, which allows the router to connect to the best carrier available in your location, thus providing you with the best possible internet connection quality.

internet abroad

As an added bonus, you'll already get XOXO WiFi in Poland, so you'll skip dealing with the hassle of paperwork abroad. All you have to do is take out the router, turn it on and connect to it just like you connect to your home/business WiFi. And you're done!


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