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What do you need to turn off on your phone abroad?

Added: 16.01.2024, Updated: 07.02.2024,

Traveling abroad is a fascinating experience that provides any tourist with unforgettable experiences and memories for years to come. At the same time, this attraction can come with its own phone Internet challenges. The large amounts of data required to be transferred can lead to high roaming charges, especially for countries outside the European Union.

For this reason, it is worth learning about effective ways to minimize Internet usage to avoid unpleasant surprises on your phone bill. The following article will discuss ways that are invaluable tips for beginners and already seasoned travelers. Learn effective ways to save Internet while traveling.

1. Disable automatic updates featurejiUnlimited internet access with XOXO mobile WiFi router

One of the main sources of heavy Internet consumption is automatic updates of applications on the phone. Downloading data in the background while being out of the country can seriously affect the final bill for the monthly subscription. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this problem - both for Android-based phones and iPhones.

In your phone's settings, you can disable automatic downloading of mobile app updates, which will avoid unnecessary background data transfer. Remember to manually update your apps when you find yourself in a place where mobile Internet usage can cost you dearly.

2. Keep your use of streaming apps to a minimum

Streaming apps such as YouTube, Netflix and Spotify are the main culprits of heavy Internet consumption. The playback of movies and music is done via data transfer. HD movies in particular (1080p and up) need many megabytes (and sometimes even gigabytes) of data to be transferred over the network. Even if you are in a country that is a member of the European Union, you can use up a packet of about 10 GB of data in no time, which most Polish mobile network operators offer to start. And in the case of tourist destinations outside Europe - you may end up with a horror invoice.

Before going abroad, download your favorite movies, music or podcasts to your phone to avoid using streaming outside Poland. If you can't quit using these services, pay attention to your streaming quality settings - lower quality obviously isn't stunning, but it's an effective way to use less data.

3. Try to stay offline on social media

Spotify app working with internet from XOXO mobile WiFi router

Social media such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok currently rely heavily on video content. While one short video won't generate a lot of data transfer, several minutes of browsing rolls will accumulate consumption, which can negatively affect roaming expenses.

There's nothing wrong with a little detox from social media. While you're on the road, focus 100% on the attractions and experiences of new experiences. You can summarize the whole thing in a reel or photo album while you're already in Poland. The effect will be the same (if not better, since you can pick out videos and photos perfectly), and your phone's data consumption will be at a much more optimal level.

4. Don't play mobile games while traveling!

If you're wondering what to turn off on your phone abroad in the first place, take special note of this point in the article. Mobile games often require a constant connection to the Internet, which can lead to high data consumption. What's more - updates to games on the phone can weigh up to gigabytes of data that the phone must receive via the mobile Internet.

Before traveling if you feel the need to have at least one game to kill time - choose one that does not require a constant Internet connection. If any installed game on your phone requires a network connection, limit its use to the bare minimum (or preferably not at all) or turn off mobile data for a particular application in your phone's settings.

5. Use data saving mode

On many phones, there is a data-saving mode in the options that limits the Internet consumption of background-enabled applications. Activate this option to minimize data transfer when the phone is not actively used.

6. Use Wi-Fi instead of a mobile network

For example, if for professional reasons (such as a business trip or so-called "workation") you need to stay online while traveling abroad - try to use Wi-Fi instead of a mobile cellular network. This is the most effective way to reduce expenses when it comes to Internet on the go. In the settings, first turn off mobile network access on your phone, and then connect to the wireless network (sometimes this will require you to know your router password).

The disadvantage of this solution is that Wi-Fi is not available in every place. If you need Internet connectivity also outside the hotel, equip yourself with XOXO WiFi. With the help of this device you will stay online throughout the country you are staying in. This service reduces Internet expenses especially in countries outside the European Union.

7. Turn off the roaming functionPhone using mobile internet XOXO WiFi

Perhaps a vatological example (which is why we present it at the very end), but by far the most effective way to avoid high roaming charges is.... simply disable the roaming function. In the phone's settings, you can block data transmission through, which will make it possible to use the Internet only in places where there is Wi-Fi.

Reduce expenses by having knowledge of what to turn off on your phone abroad

Traveling abroad does not have to mean high phone bills. The above examples clearly show that putting a few restrictions in place will allow you to enjoy your trip without worrying about the cost of using the Internet. Keep these simple steps in mind before you leave to avoid unpleasant surprises and focus on fully relaxing and exploring new places.

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