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What characterizes travelers?

Added: 11.12.2023, Updated: 12.12.2023,

People for whom traveling is an integral part of life are a decided minority in society. Today, on average, only 5% of a country's citizens travel abroad more than three times a year. People who travel even more frequently are even fewer. 

1. Communication

Of course, not every traveler needs to be the soul of company - some prefer long trips in solitude. However, most travel enthusiasts to distant places meet a wide variety of people. This experience teaches them how to communicate with others, both verbally and non-verbally, which allows them to overcome the language barrier, even if one does not know the language of the foreign country.

2. Open-mindedness

traveler's luggageWhen traveling, one involuntarily sees a lot and hears a lot. One gets to know a completely unknown world - full of strange, often incomprehensible customs. Unknown words, bizarre clothes or strange gestures. After a while, such dissimilarities cease to be an insurmountable wall. Some people learn during their travels that differences are beautiful. And others travel precisely because they want to constantly learn more and more. To absorb as much as possible from life. Travelers see the world very differently from ordinary mortals :)

3. Independence

Travelers are people who are characterized by great self-reliance. They are able to cope at foreign airports, as well as in completely unfamiliar cities, where they are surrounded by completely unfamiliar people and often unfamiliar culture and customs. Especially those travel enthusiasts who organize their trips on their own show great independence. They know how to make decisions and handle difficult situations. Definitely, frequent trips teach how to cope when something unexpected happens.
Travelers are also well organized. They are the ones who control their luggage and, most importantly, their current expenses - which, despite appearances, is not always so easy.

4. Courage

Travelers cannot be denied the courage to go to the other side of the world. Whether it is a one-week trip or a trip of a lifetime lasting several months. Each new place comes with new challenges and new dangers. Nothing can be predicted and nothing is 100% certain. For that you certainly can't complain about routine :)
vacation abroad

5. Memories

This point probably sounds the most enigmatic....
First of all, travelers are people who have experienced and seen more than non-travelers. These are irreplaceable experiences. There is no comparison between participating in the life of an unknown community and reading about foreign customs. While one can be a great admirer of a particular culture or country, one will never fully understand everything unless one sees it with one's own eyes. Travelers are wiser by what they have experienced and felt. These rich experiences also mean that they are never short of topics for conversation, as their lives are full of unforgettable memories :)


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