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Roaming in Morocco 2024

Added: 13.12.2023, Updated: 13.12.2023,

Do you need Internet on a trip to Morocco? Are you considering choosing roaming so you can enjoy access to the web abroad? Did you know that roaming is not the only option you should consider? See if another alternative might not be more appropriate for you!

1. Roaming

Many people, wanting to use the Internet abroad, opt for roaming. They do not try to find other solutions, because this option is the most popular and also the easiest. In fact, roaming does not require too much effort from the user. At what cost?
Roaming is a good solution if you plan to go to countries that belong to the European Union. Then the costs are really low. How does the situation look for slightly farther countries? Much worse

For just 500 MB of Internet, depending on the operator, we will pay from 18 thousand to 20 thousand zlotys. And 500 MB alone is not much for a week or two-week trip... If one uses the Internet frequently, the bill one would get upon returning to Poland would be huge. Most likely, it would even exceed the cost of paying for the plane flight or the accommodation itself! What's more... It is difficult to control the amount of Internet used. Here one will open the mail and answer an email, here one will turn on some short video on YouTube, after a while one will browse a few sites. It may seem that one has connected to the network for a while, and then the bill will show that one has used a great deal of Internet. Is it worth it to take such a risk? Especially when there are other solutions....

2. XOXO WiFi

An innovative, still little recognized device. XOXO WiFi is a mobile router that allows you to enjoy Internet access in more than 140 countries around the world.

unlimited internet abroad XOXO WiFi

Technical information
- There is no card in the router, there is software. With it, the device automatically searches for the best network in your location. This means that the router changes operators, choosing the one that will provide the user with the best network connection.
- The battery lasts up to 12 hours of continuous use.
- The router is the size of a cell phone. In addition, it is very easy to use - just click one button.

- Ability to choose a daily package: 500 MB / 1 GB / 2 GB and 5 GB. Each day the selected package renews.
- Unlimited Internet! What does this mean? After exceeding the selected daily package, you are not left completely without access to the network - only slows down the speed. Importantly, you do not pay for using the Internet outside the paid package!
- You can connect up to 5 devices to one router at the same time. This also means that as many as 5 people can use the router at the same time!
How to order?
Just go to the XOXO WiFi website and fill out a simple form. The device will be delivered to the selected address 1-3 days before the start of the trip.

3. Free Internet

Increasingly, many people are opting for free hotspots to save money. Yes, in terms of price, this is a very competitive solution - after all, it's free Internet that anyone can use. Yes. Everyone.
What does this mean? That a user of free hotspots becomes a very easy target for hackers. If you're concerned about protecting your private data and passwords, don't risk it this way!
Also take into account that free Internet only occurs in selected places such as restaurants or hotels. If something unexpected happens, you won't be able to use the Internet everywhere and immediately. And looking for a place with a free hotspot will not be easy everywhere.
For those who are impatient - anyone can connect to the free Internet, which will severely slow down the Internet you will use by choosing this option. Keep this in mind!

4. SIM Cards

Roaming in Morocco 2024
It seems to be a good solution, but it also has many limitations. First of all, it should be mentioned that in Morocco there is a need to call to activate the SIM card. Meanwhile, the payphone only speaks in French or Arabic. For those who do not speak these languages, this option can prove very difficult.
Some may also be discouraged by the need to run and look for a place to buy a SIM card. If you want to access the Internet as soon as you land at the airport, this is not the best solution.
In addition, one SIM card = one user. If you're traveling with friends or family, everyone would have to buy a separate SIM card for themselves (and, for example, you only need one router (XOXO WiFi). Also, a SIM card involves changing your phone number, which could result in your loved ones not being able to reach you.


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