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Roaming in Israel 2024

Added: 11.12.2023, Updated: 12.12.2023,
Are you traveling to Israel in the near future? Do you know that you will need the Internet to contact relatives, check the information you need or watch a movie in the evenings? Do you realize that Internet on a trip is a must? You just don't know which of the many options you should opt for....


Many people believe that roaming is the best solution. What's more, some people think it's actually the only way to take care of the Internet abroad. Is this really the case? Definitely no. Roaming is very convenient and requires virtually no effort, but it is worth noting the costs, especially outside the European Union. For example, using roaming in Israel, you may expose yourself to high fees, which can be an unpleasant surprise when you return to Poland. That's why it's worth being careful and checking roaming terms before you travel to avoid unnecessary costs. Even more so if it turns out that you paid more for the Internet alone than for a round-trip flight or even a hotel rental.
Keep in mind that despite the convenience, it is impossible to control the amount of Internet you use, and thus the cost you will have to pay. It may seem that little has been used online, but you can't really be 100 percent sure. After all, you use the Internet first and then pay.

And here comes the alternative, which is XOXO WiFi. XOXO WiFi is a small, mobile router (the size of a cell phone) that allows you to enjoy Internet access in more than 140 countries around the world.

Internet on the go for companies XOXO WiFi

What is worth knowing? 

- The router does not have any card. There is software in the device so that the router connects to whichever network has the best coverage in a given location. Going to Israel, one router has the range of several SIM cards!
- The ability to choose a daily package from 500 MB to 5 GB. This means that each day the selected package renews.
- You pay only once, before you leave. You choose the package and the duration of your trip. You know right away how much you have to pay for Internet access and you certainly won't be surprised by any bill!
- Unlimited Internet! If you exceed the selected package, you are not left completely without access to the network. Only the Internet speed slows down, but you can still browse the site or check your mail. You do not pay for using the Internet outside the paid package!
- You can connect up to 5 devices to the router at the same time, so in addition to you, 4 other people can enjoy the Internet.
- A fully secure solution that protects your data!
- The battery lasts up to 12 hours!
- Very easy to use. Only one button!

Comparison of XOXO WiFi with other capabilities

XOXO WiFi vs. roaming

1 A much cheaper solution. In addition, you know exactly how much you will pay and you will not be surprised by the bill you would receive for roaming.
2. Equally simple and convenient option.

XOXO WiFi vs. SIM card

XOXO WiFi roaming-free internet1 SIM card = one selected operator. XOXO WiFi = multiple operators. Independence from the failure of a particular operator.
2. No need to change phone number as with SIM card.
3. one SIM card = one user. Up to 5 people can use the XOXO WiFi router.
4. Internet right away at the airport. No need to run and look for a place to buy a SIM card.
5. One XOXO WiFi router can be used in many countries.

XOXO WiFi vs. free Internet

1 Safe option! You don't have to worry about a hacker getting into your data and private passwords.
2. high-speed Internet! Free Internet can be used by anyone, which significantly slows down its speed.
3. Free Inernet can be enjoyed in several places (such as a hotel or restaurants). XOXO WiFi works anywhere any network is available.


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