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Is there a fee for using WiFi abroad? Debunking myths and safe alternatives

Added: 17.01.2024, Updated: 05.02.2024,

Traveling abroad presents us with many dilemmas, and Internet access is one of them. Is there a fee for using WiFi abroad? Well, contrary to the common opinion of people who used this option many years ago - not always. In this article, we'll dispel the myth about the prevalence of paid hotspots and take a look at alternatives, particularly focusing on safe and attractive options such as the XOXO WiFi service.

Myth: Using WiFi abroad always incurs fees

XOXO WiFi Hotspot

The first myth to dispel (which is still quite popular among travelers) is the notion that WiFi access abroad is always charged. Indeed, some hotels are still able to charge extra for this service, and this is usually due to the fact that the availability of Internet outside a given location can still be very difficult. In addition, in former years, where this service was only first implemented, establishments were able to charge for the use of the network due to the initial high cost.

However, nowadays many places, such as cafes, hotels and airports, offer free Internet access. Due to the fact that staying online has become a basic need not only for every traveler, but simply for human beings, and with the development of technology - almost all WiFi hotspots around the world have become free of charge, and one should hardly now look for those for which one has to pay extra.

The danger of free Wi-Fi hotspots

While the myth of paid WiFi has been debunked, it is important to remember that it is not an option for flawless Internet access. While free hotspots can be a tempting option for online communication or web surfing, it's worth being aware of the potential risks associated with their use.

Routers providing hotspot access often lack adequate security (such as WPA3 encryption), making them an easy target for hackers looking to take control of sensitive personal data. While the vision of a free Internet connection is tempting - at the same time one must remember that the security of virtual data is to be put above that.

Alternative: XOXO WiFi service
XOXO WiFi Mobile Router with unlimited Internet abroad

Fortunately, technological developments have meant that there are options for accessing the Internet while traveling abroad. One solution that combines the benefits of using hotspots and keeping your virtual banking data secure and more is the XOXO WiFi service. This is an innovative approach to accessing the Internet while traveling, especially outside the European Union.

What are the benefits of using XOXO WiFi? There are indeed a lot of them! In the rest of the article you will learn about the most important advantages of this innovative service.

Data security with XOXO WiFi

The XOXO WiFi service not only offers constant Internet access, but also ensures the security of data on your mobile device. Using a portable Wi-Fi router, you are assured that your connection is properly secured. XOXO WiFi devices have WPA3 encryption. At the time of rental, the customer receives a properly configured password to ensure the security of the connection. The portable router will not fall into the wrong hands. This is especially important in the context of public hotspots can pose a threat to privacy.

Permanent, unlimited Internet access

XOXO WiFi provides a fully fixed Internet connection. It is not limited by the classic data limit as in the case of pre-paid SIM cards, where after exceeding the limit you have to pay extra for further use of the Internet.

XOXO WiFi means almost 100% unlimited access to the network! The service has multiple packages - from 500 MB to 5 GB per day. The only limitation if you exceed the package is a reduction in data transfer speed. There are no additional charges in this situation, while the user remains online.

No hidden fees

Importantly, XOXO WiFi is also about price transparency. Unlike some paid hotspots or other services, this service offers clear and understandable pricing, with no hidden fees. The cost of the service is fully visible when you place an order on our website. You get what you pay for, which eliminates unpleasant surprises at the end of the month.

Ideal for travel outside the European Union

XOXO WiFi mobile internet laptopTraveling outside the European Union often comes with higher roaming costs and restrictions on the use of free hotspots. This is where XOXO WiFi becomes particularly attractive. Its security, price transparency and constant Internet access make it ideal for those who frequently cross EU borders.


Is there always a fee for using WiFi abroad? The answer is an emphatic "no." There are a vast majority of free hotspots, but it is worth exercising caution due to potential risks. An alternative that combines the benefits of free hotspots with data security is the XOXO WiFi service. Especially for travelers outside the European Union, where roaming fees can be prohibitive, XOXO WiFi becomes an attractive option in terms of price. Order the service now directly from our website.

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