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Internet in Montenegro 2024, what do you need to know?

Added: 17.01.2024, Updated: 03.02.2024,

Montenegro, a picturesque country on the Adriatic Sea, attracts tourists with its charming beaches, mountainous landscapes and rich history. During a stay in this fascinating place, access to the Internet can be very important for many tourists. This applies whether it's for planning vacation activities, communicating with loved ones or in the professional sphere for a business trip.

In this article, we'll take a look at what you need to know about Montenegro's Internet world - you'll learn about prices for telecommunications services, the country's operators, quality of service and other practical advice for tourists, among other things.

Internet access in Montenegro

Nielimitowany Internet XOXO WiFi Internet access in Montenegro is generally available, both in larger cities like Podgorica and Budva, and in non-urban areas. Many hotels, restaurants, cafes and public places offer free Wi-Fi to their guests. Nonetheless, if you're planning a more mobile Internet experience, we recommend using other options - including the option of renting an XOXO WiFi router for Montenegro.

Mobile Internet in Montenegro

If you depend on mobile Internet, you'll find plenty of options in Montenegro for staying online during your trip. Mobile operators (which we'll list later) offer a variety of data packages, usually including high-speed Internet access in the 3G and 4G bands, which will allow you to use many mobile applications - including Netflix and Spotify.

Internet quality in Montenegro

Internet quality in Montenegro is usually good. This is especially true for tourist destinations and cities. Most areas have access to high-speed 4G, and Montenegro hotels and restaurants offer stable Wi-Fi connections. Internet quality can be worse in remote areas, especially in mountainous areas.

Coverage in Montenegro

Mobile coverage is usually good in most tourist areas in Montenegro. In cities and coastal towns, you can expect stable 3G and 4G coverage. However, in the mountains or in more remote areas (such as in the waters of Lake Shkoders or the Mediterranean Sea), coverage can be somewhat poorer, which can affect the quality of phone calls or internet speeds.

Why can the Internet be useful when vacationing in Montenegro?

Nielimitowany dostęp do internetu XOXO WiFi When vacationing in Montenegro, using the Internet can be useful not only for navigation or checking tourist information, but also for sharing your travel experiences on the fly. It's a good idea to choose a data plan that best suits your needs, especially if you plan to actively use the web.

Mobile operators in Montenegro

Montenegro has several major mobile operators, each offering dedicated data packages and cellular services for Montenegrin residents and tourists. Here are a few of them:

  1. Telenor: This is one of the largest operators in the country. Telenor offers a wide range of data packages, and their coverage ranges from urban areas to the outskirts of cities and less populated areas of Montenegro.
  2. Telekom: The second largest operator in Montenegro. Telekom has an extensive mobile network and offers a variety of data package options.
  3. M:tel: The third major operator, which is also popular with locals and tourists. M:tel offers data packages and cellular services.

Internet prices in Montenegro

Internet prices in Montenegro are very affordable compared to western countries. The cost depends on the operator you choose and the type of mobile data package you select. In general, for about 5-15 euros you can purchase a SIM card data package.

In case you need unlimited Internet access, the XOXO WiFi service is also available for Montenegro. Using a portable device, you will be able to send professional photos and recordings without worrying about quickly running out of data limit. The cost of the rental starts at PLN 42 per day, while the whole procedure is done easily and quickly online.

Roaming in Montenegro

Router XOXO WiFi z nielimitowanym Internetem do CzarnogóryIn case you can't access a local SIM card or, for example, the phone doesn't want to work with a Montenegrin card - there is the possibility of roaming. Remember that notorious use of this feature can lead to a drastic increase in the amount of your telecommunications bill with the operator with which you have a subscription contract. Therefore, we recommend using roaming only when the situation really requires it.


Internet in Montenegro is readily available and developed to a level of convenience, making it easy to travel in this beautiful country. You can purchase data packages tailored to tourists' needs from the major mobile operators. Before your trip, decide whether you prefer to purchase a local SIM card, use roaming or use Wi-Fi through a rented or purchased XOXO WiFi router, with which you can access the Internet not only within Montenegro, but the entire Balkans as well as even Europe!

Whatever your choice, everyone can enjoy the beauty of Montenegro and at the same time have access to the Internet, which will make it easier to plan and share your travel experiences.

Rent an XOXO mobile WiFi router to Montenegro!


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