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Internet in Cambodia 2024, which is the best?

Added: 17.01.2024, Updated: 01.02.2024,

When planning a trip to Cambodia, one of the key aspects to take care of is Internet access. Whether you're exploring the fascinating Angkor Wat or discovering the bustling capital, Phnom Penh, it's important to make sure you have a convenient and efficient Internet connection set up for the sake of not only travel comfort, but also security.

In this article, we'll take a look at what the state of the Internet is in Cambodia. We will answer the question of what type of network in this country is considered the best. At the same time, we will present in the text useful information for travelers - Internet prices in Cambodia, the quality of services provided there, and what options visitors to the country have to choose from in terms of data packages or mobile operators.

Internet access in Cambodia

Although still a developing country, Cambodia is getting better at providing Internet to its residents and tourists. In larger cities such as Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, you'll find widespread Internet availability in cafes, hotels and other public places. A Wi-Fi hotspot is usually available in these places, which can be useful when there is a need to consult an Internet map.

As you move away from the centers, however, you may encounter areas with less accessibility. There, it's already a good idea to be equipped with a local SIM card with Internet access in Cambodia, or an XOXO WiFi router with a package for that direction.

Internet quality in Cambodia

Mobile Internet in CambodiaInternet quality in Cambodia has improved significantly in recent years. However, average data transfer speeds can still vary from region to region. In cities and popular tourist destinations, you can mostly expect a stable connection and good Internet speeds. In rural areas and more remote locations, speeds can be slower, and making calls and connecting to the mobile network can be difficult. Also keep in mind that in jungle areas there may be no coverage at all.

Mobile operators in Cambodia

There are several major mobile operators in Cambodia that offer telecommunications services, including data packages. Below are the most important representatives:

  1. Cellcard: This is one of the oldest operators in Cambodia and has a good reputation for coverage in the country. This company offers data packages for tourists and locals.
  2. Smart Axiata: This is one of the largest telecommunications companies in Cambodia. Smart Axiata offers high-speed mobile Internet and a variety of data package options.
  3. Metfone: It is often chosen by locals and tourists. It has good coverage in cities as well as in rural areas.

Internet prices in Cambodia

Internet prices in Cambodia are relatively affordable compared to many other countries. The cost depends on the operator and the data package you choose. For example, for about $5-10 you can purchase a SIM card data package with enough transfer for a tourist's standard needs. For larger needs, it's worth getting an XOXO WiFi router. The device can be rented even with a package of 5 GB of unlimited network access (when exceeded - the transfer speed is reduced), which will certainly be a savior for, among others, those who work on the go.

SIM cards in Cambodia

SIM cards are readily available in Cambodia, and you can purchase them from many local stores, electronic product outlets or mobile operators. The activation process is usually straightforward, and the price of a SIM card is usually not very high (although Internet access is limited in terms of the data package purchased). Before buying, make sure your phone is unlocked so you can use a SIM card from another operator.

Mobile Internet in Cambodia

If you depend on mobile Internet, you'll find plenty of options for accessing the web in Cambodia. Mobile operators offer a variety of data packages, usually including 3G and 4G high-speed Internet access.

XOXO WiFi Mobile Router in Cambodia.

XOXO WiFi in Cambodia

As an alternative to a SIM card, you can also rent a portable Wi-Fi router, which is especially useful for those who want to use the Internet on several devices at once. One of the most popular companies offering Wi-Fi router rental services for a trip to Cambodia is XOXO WiFi. You can find all the information regarding data packages and prices directly on our website.

Roaming in Cambodia

If you plan to use your own SIM card from another country, check with your mobile operator to see if it offers favorable roaming terms in Cambodia. However, we recommend using this option only in emergency situations and when it will not involve a large data transfer. Otherwise, roaming can result in a huge subscription bill.

Best Internet in Cambodia

The Internet is growing rapidly in Cambodia, providing access to online communications for locals and tourists alike. When you go to this fascinating country, you will usually secure access to the net through, among other things, local mobile operators that offer data packages for tourists. However, if you want the best quality Internet in Cambodia, then by far the most advantageous will be the XOXO WiFi router. Only there you will ensure unlimited, secure network access, with the possibility of connecting several devices and at a much better price than roaming, among other things.

Rent an XOXO router to Cambodia


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