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Effective methods of communication during an international business trip

Added: 08.12.2023, Updated: 12.12.2023,

How to prepare for a business trip? What should be kept in mind? What devices are worth taking so that communication with employees and partners of the company goes smoothly, despite the trip?

What to take on a business trip?

When traveling on a business trip, it is very important to keep in touch with your employees while you are away. A business phone with charger is a must, but it is also important to bring along some useful gadgets that can reduce the risk of stressful and emergency situations. They will certainly come in handy: 

  • A spare phone
  • Powerbank
  • An adapter for an outlet (depending on the country you are traveling to)
  • A business laptop or tablet
  • Headphones and microphone for phone calls
  • Contact list and business card holder.

It's also a good idea to back up important documents and rip important data sheets to disk so that you can access them even if there is no network connectivity.

International packages

XOXO WiFi DELEGATION TRAVELIf you frequently travel abroad on business, a large international package will certainly be useful, both for phone calls and for using the Internet on your phone. A subscription with an international call package costs a minimum of PLN 50.00 per month, depending on the operator and the type of package. While these types of packages work well for holiday travel, during a business trip the number of available minutes and, above all, MB of network data to use may not be enough to meet corporate objectives. To avoid incurring large costs and being out of touch with your company, it's worth equipping yourself with your own router for your business trip!

Effective communication with XOXO WIFI.

A great solution for traveling businessmen is the XOXO WIFI portable router. It's a solution for the business industry that carries many benefits and is great for overseas travel and business trips. The quality of service is high, and your own router allows you to avoid high roaming fees when using the Internet in countries such as China or the US.

mobile internet for a business trip

While on a business trip, you use your own mobile router and secure network without being exposed to the dangers of public and public WiFi networks. You can not only send email correspondence efficiently, but also send money transfers and make phone calls and video conferences with partners and employees in another country. To order the router, simply place an order on the website and select the destination country you are going to. After filling out a short form, the router is handed over to us by courier, exactly where we need it most! When you're done using the device, send it back to the return address included with your order. That's how easy it is!


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