5 ideas on how to reduce the costs of running your own business

5 ideas on how to reduce the costs of running your own business - XOXO WiFi

5 ideas on how to reduce the costs of running your own business

Are you running your own business or are you thinking about creating it in the near future? For each owner, one of the biggest problems is how to reduce costs. Especially at the beginning of activity, when revenues are not yet too high and one of the most important issues is such management of costs to save as much as possible.

We offer five solutions, thanks to which your company will be exposed to lower costs:


1. XOXO WiFi subscription

Does running your business require frequent business trips? And in addition to countries that do not belong to the European Union? And on each of these trips, your employees necessarily need Internet access.
It's a good idea to look for a solution that will allow you to save money on Internet access in so many different countries. That is why we offer the XOXO WiFi subscription.
XOXO WiFi is a mobile router that allows you to enjoy access to the Internet in over 130 countries around the world. It is possible to rent a router for short trips, but we have also implement another option.
An attractive solution for companies is to purchase a subscription (in this case 106 countries)! This is the best option if your employees travel very often and also to many countries. XOXO WiFi can be used alternately by a lot of employees. Additionally, five different devices can be connected to the one router at the same time. It also means that five people can use the XOXO WiFi router at the same time!
The monthly subscription cost is € 104, or € 3.4 per day. This is definitely a lower rate if you compare that, for example, the cost of daily internet access in Mauritius – this is € 13.50. Even in the case of cheaper directions, this is an attractive solution. For instance: China is € 7.90 per day.

2. Free software

In our times the basic tool for working in companies is a computer and numerous software tools to facilitate work. It is worth checking carefully if all of them are really necessary. Maybe some solutions are too many and in this way not only spend more money, but also constrict work? A multitude of solutions does not always have to help employees to fulfill their duties. Limiting the number of available applications will improve the team's work and will also save money.
It's also good to check if the programs used at work do not have their free counterparts. Currently, most office or graphic programs can be found on the Internet in the free version - often with similar functions. And even if the option is a bit less, it is worth considering if all the possibilities of a paid program are needed for the company? If there is such a possibility, you can consult someone with more experience and ask for advice in choosing the best, free programs.

3. Customers

It may be obvious, but it is worth emphasizing. The more satisfied customers, the better the company prosper. Satisfied customers return to the company and recommend it to their family and relatives. Then the company becomes more recognizable and it is easier to find a larger number of target recipients.
Remember to show yourself professionally. You should reply to the e-mail as soon as possible, also respond to questions on the website or on various fanpages. Answer phones and help solve problems. It is also important to be active in social media.
To save money, it's best to keep your meetings with clients to a minimum. Actually I think about meetings that require meeting in the city or at the customer's home. Access by public transport or fuel prices, the fee for one or the other coffee during the conversation. Also a large amount of time that you need to devote to such a meeting. These are costs that are often difficult to realize. It must be remembered that nowadays many things can be done remotely and not every matter requires a personal meeting.
Of course, not all problems can be solved by phone or via email. It is not worth overdoing the other way. If the situation so requires, of course, do not give up the meeting. Just remember that any such meeting is some hidden costs.

4. Internet training

Do you want your employees to be able to develop constantly? Do you approve of language courses and other trainings where can improve your skills and learn something completely new? It's a good attitude, but remember that many courses are expensive. If you want to reduce costs in the company, it is worth considering this topic.
No, do not give up completely on sending employees for various trainings. Just look for cheaper or even free solutions. Many online courses are organized absolutely free. If you look for good, you can also find free lectures (in many larger cities), which focus on important issues for employees in various industries.

5. Accounting

If you are familiar with accounting, this is an option that allows you to reduce costs in the company. If you run the settlement yourself, you will not have to pay another employee. Do not take this decision too hastily! Remember that your duties will include, for example, keeping books of revenues and expenses, controlling all salary and much more. For someone unqualified, it can be complicated. And every mistake can cost you dearly.
If you do not want to deal with accounting yourself, it is worth asking the accounting office (and look for promotional offers). You can find many companies that expect much lower price than usual for the first few months.
Virtual accounting is also worth considering. It's a convenient and also cheaper option.