Top 10 cities and places in Asia for Digital Nomads 2021

Top 10 cities and places in Asia for Digital Nomads 2021 - XOXO WiFi

Top 10 cities and places in Asia for Digital Nomads 2021

Digital nomad lifestyle is getting more popular in our times. Their challenging needs make them difficult to find perfect place to live. We’ve prepared 10 Asian cities and places, where digital nomads could enjoy – mainly because of local attractions, average mobile Internet data transfer speed and monthal budget to live.

1. Bangkok

A true capital of Asian lifestyle. It’s not a city for everybody, so if you’re not a fan of crowdy places, you won’t feel great there. But many digital nomads love Bangkok. One of the biggest advantages is very good quality Internet access. You’ll be able to surf in average speed of 25 mbps, which will be perfect for doing big IT projects.


2. Singapore

One of the most modern city-states in the World. This metropolis will be perfect for modernity lovers. What’s more – with about 90 mbps Internet, every nomad will be able to work with highest possible quality standards of remote job. The only drawback is average costs of live – circa 3000 $/month. It’s a place for someone, who has a well-paid job.


3. Hangzhou

Not as crowdy by tourists and local citizens as Beijing or Shanghai, but Hangzhou has comparable advantages. It’s a perfect city for nature lovers – there are many parks and lakes. Hangzhou is also not expensive to live (three times cheaper than Singapore) and has great quality Internet access – about 30 mbps. However, the Great Chinese Firewall could be a problem to work in this country. Remember to do your job here with VPN access.


4. Phuket

Another place from Thailand. More touristic comparing to Bangkok, mainly because of famous beach in Patong city. If you’re in love in sandy and sunny places – this position is for you! Thai government will invest millions of USD to create this place as smart place for modern tourists. Sounds encouraging, doesn’t it?


5. Tokyo

The capital of Japan. One of the most modern capitals in the globe – ability to have Internet connection nearly everywhere and real paradise for geeks because of characteristic subculture lifestyle of many citizens of Tokyo. That’s no doubtly one of the mons popular travel destinations of digital nomads. Unfortunately – Tokyo is quite expensive to live. You’ll have to prepare over 4000 $/month to live there.


6. Bali

It’s one of the most popular touristic places in Indonesia. Many of green areas will keep nomads to work with calm and silence. Many local cities like Ubud and Canggu will offer a many intreresting attractions with low price preparing to most popular Asian travel destinations. But be careful – Internet speed could be different – between 6-20 mbps.


7. Davao

2440 km² of area – that’s a huge space to live! Davao is one of the biggest city of the Philippines. Crowdy streets and beautiful beaches – it’s a place for somebody, who wants to have everything in just one place. It’s also non expensive place to live (with average 1000$/month expenditure), but you can forget about fast Internet access. You’ll have to get the hang of 5 mbps speed.


8. Kuala Lumpur

The capital of Malaysia is also becoming a smart city. It’s one of the cheapest big Asian cities, where you won’t be dissapointed because of dirty streets. Kuala Lumpur downtown with famous Petronas Twin Towers could be a jealousity reason to many most popular business towns. Real must-see for every digital nomad!


9. Jeju Island

More calm and green place than Seoul, and with cheaper living costs, but at the same time – with quite fast Internet access (24 mbps). It’s not a popular place, so maybe it will be appreciated by you? Try living there and answer this question for yourself!


10. Ho Chi Minh

The final position is a very good place for nomads, who wants to live in a big city, but spend as less money as possible. Ho Chi Minh city has very low monthly costs to live – with less than 800 $, you should be able to pay bills and purchase all essential products.