Roaming in China

Roaming in China - XOXO WiFi
“Roaming” or “Roaming charges” are currently one of the most searched terms in search engines. That’s not surprising, since a lot of tourists travel all over the world and according to the organization of a peaceful departure, everyone must check all the details related to the country. That's why by typing "roaming China" or "Internet China" in the search engine we can come across texts about to this bothering issue. However, few people can know what mobile roaming rates are and what costs a tourist in China will receive after calling the number from our country, and  using the mobile Internet.

Definition of the word "Roaming"

Roaming is associated with the wireless sending the virtual data. It’s a type of service that gives the user the opportunity of using a cellular network service from outside the home country. It is a convenient way to make calls as well as browse the Internet because roaming can be enabled on a mobile device with a SIM card with a single button in the settings. Every traveler can use the local network in a foreign country (in this case - China) without losing valuable time.


Threats related to roaming and roaming charges

Despite the huge utility of roaming (no need to look for a new SIM card, we do not lose contacts on the phone, we are not dependent on the unsecured urban WiFi hotspot), it has its disadvantages. Its main drawback is the price. In the case of popular destinations, it can cost tourists enormous amounts of money.

Roaming cost – China

Prices are practically no different from those described in the article "roaming in the USA”. Making long phone calls or using a lot of data via roaming will be very expensive. Imagine that you are downloading 1 GB of data in China - the price in this case can amount to a five-digit amount!


XOXO WiFi as an alternative to roaming and roaming charges in China

The XOXO WiFi mobile router is a great solution to the problem of an expensive roaming in China. It’s able not only to provide internet access on several mobile devices (such as a mobile phone, tablet, pocket game console, etc.). This router can be used to make phone calls. How? Because of the WiFi calling service, which we have already written about in our article. In a nutshell - it allows you to make free calls from China to another countries thanks to both WiFi signal and the use of modern mobile applications such as Skype or Viber.

What is more, this router guarantees unlimited mobile Internet in China. Just turn on the router after landing at the airport and enjoy network access at no extra charge. Fast, cheap, safe and without any worries!

We hope that every tourist will discover the beauty of China and other parts of our beautiful world. At the same time, it is worth remembering that you do not always have to overpay when you leave - it is enough to use modern, clever technological solutions for your own high needs.