Is XOXO WiFi worth using during business trips?

Is XOXO WiFi worth using during business trips? - XOXO WiFi

Is XOXO WiFi worth using during business trips?

As foreign investment increases rapidly in Poland, there are more and more business travels to countries located far or near. Business travels can last up to few months so it’s really important to make this time convenient for an employee while abroad.

It turned out lately that connection to the Internet is a necessity during long business trips, not only because of lack of contact with loved ones but also it’s important to have a possibility to make a conference call whenever you are with associates and bosses. Constant contact with loved ones translates to more effective work. Happy employee = effective employee.

Business meeting. Make it more effective with XOXO WiFi!

Mobile routers with unlimited 4G connection are new on the european market, though they’re very popular in Japan for ages. They’re mostly added to hotel rooms or rented in the reception. It’s extremely popular for tourists or business companies. What benefits does mobile internet bring? Although roaming charges have been abolished in European Union, after exceeding the limit of mobile data, minutes and SMS you can still be shocked after receiving your phone bill. Thanks to the mobile internet client pays only for so called day-pass and can forget about unexpected high roaming fees.

This solution will be extremely needed in farthest destinations such as: United States, Canada, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea where Internet access might be difficult and limited to hotel lobby or room. Turning on the mobile data while in such countries just for few seconds can ruin one’s budget. Using mobile router is very convenient - you can share your memories and photos immediately via social media, getting to the business meeting on time, even remotely connect to the computer in the office. Additionally, this small pocket router can connect to 5 different devices so it can be used by several employees at once. Let’s not forget that business trips are not only about working. XOXO WiFi will definitely help with sightseeing, looking for place to eat, searching museums opening hours and public transport timetables.

Use XOXO WiFi on your computer wherever you are

The XOXO WiFi mobile router is a great idea to diversify and facilitate overseas business trips. Every company should give this small device with great power a chance.