What modern travel agencies should offer?

What modern travel agencies should offer? - XOXO WiFi

What modern travel agencies should offer?

Travelling these days is definitely more affordable than 20-30 years ago. Thanks to the aviation development and increased numbers of low-cost fares travelling to the farthest places on earth is becoming less and less problematic. More and more people decide to go abroad for their holiday. We are not surprised as long it’s so many places to visit, so many dishes to eat!

Modern travel agencies should amaze their customers

However many people would rather book accommodation and fares by themselves on popular sites such as:, or These websites help us book whatever we want whenever we want. How can we improve travel agencies’ offer to compete with self-services?

Mobile routers with unlimited 4G connection are new on the european market, though they’re very popular in Japan for ages. They’re mostly added to hotel rooms or rented in the reception. What benefits does mobile internet bring?

Travel wifi will be one of the most popular features of travel agencies

Although roaming charges have been abolished in European Union, after exceeding the limit of mobile data, minutes and SMS you can still be shocked after receiving your phone bill. Thanks to the mobile internet client pays only for so called day-pass and can forget about unexpected high roaming fees.

This solution will be extremely needed in exotic holiday destinations such as: islands on Indian Ocean (Zanzibar, Mauritius, Madagascar, Seychelles, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Thai islands etc.), Australia and Oceania, Middle East (Oman, Jordan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Egypt), Caribbean Islands where Internet access might be difficult and limited to hotel lobby or room. Turning on the mobile data while in such countries just for few seconds can ruin one’s budget. Using mobile router is very convenient - you can share your memories and photos immediately via social media, checking opening hours and prices of museums and restaurants, public transport timetables and where to go on the maps. Additionally, this small pocket router can connect to 5 different devices so it can be used by whole family at once.