Best travel gadgets in 2021

Best travel gadgets in 2021 - XOXO WiFi

Best travel gadgets in 2021

An exciting year is coming! We’ve made subjective rank of best travel gadgets in 2021 in random order. Some of them are must-haves for nerds and the other are just smaller versions of necessary everyday items but everything on this list is extra convenient to travel with around the world!

1. Pocket steam iron

Have you experienced this feeling after few hours of ironing when you’re unpacking your luggage after arrival and you’re really angry because every cloth is creased? This is a major issue on the trips. Especially if you plan to travel with low-cost airline with small luggage only and you are going to sleep in hostels you won’t carry a big iron with you. So there is mini steam iron - Steamfast. It has 3 heating levels and 420 watt power which is a lot for the device this small. Extremely valuable to use on business trips, camping and other situations which compel you to look neat and elegant every day.

Pocket steam iron - useful as pocket XOXO WiFi

2. Portable laundry system

Talking about the clothes… Scrubba portable wash bag is our next life-saver, especially on campings. If you’re far from civilisation and you don’t have any opportunity to wash your clothes properly, take this mini washing machine with you. It is a must-have especially for backpackers, who love to sleep in a tent in a middle of nowhere and are for few weeks or more on the go and have only limited amount of clothes to wear. It takes just little amount of time to make your outfits clean and fresh again! You will save your time, space in a backpack, money and... nerves.

Portable laundry

3. Water purifier in a bottle

Who of us doesn’t know these big water filtration systems? Imagine taking this huge jug on your holidays… It would be super inconvenient. CamelBack water purifier is a smaller version of it. It uses UV light to neutralize viruses and bacteria. This is especially useful when you travel to places where it’s unsafe to drink tap water or those with harsh environmental conditions: some countries of Middle East, Asia or Africa. You will save your money on bottled water and drink it free from microorganisms anywhere you want.

Water purifier - for save travel like XOXO WiFi

4. High capacity power bank

It’s a must have if you want to stay connected even while wandering in the woods all day with no ability to plug in. If you don’t need a smartphone with 21st century features such as camera, internet and navigation you can buy oldie but goldie Nokia 3310 with battery that lasts weeks or so but if you’re a tech geek you will need some help to keep your phone alive. It’s recommended to buy device with at least 10000 mAh capacity which lasts for 2-3 full charging. There’s a huge amount of these on the market but my personal favourite is ADATA A10050. It looks very classy and its metallic finish suits most of new smartphones. Bye, bye, unexpected battery drain!

5. Pocket-size drone

In the last year drones possessed and revolutionized photography market for good. Imagine to have a drone the size of an iPhone 6s. Sounds impossible? While everyone was talking about small yet amazing quality Mavic PRO, DJI went further - they created even smaller and more handy one - Spark. 1080p video quality, intelligent flight options, mechanical gimbal and the size - these features are encouraging to buy this device every tech junkie who is looking for the best way to travel with a drone. Instead of carrying enormous backpack you can just put it in your pocket and film picturesque landscapes from above like a pro in every part of the world.

Mobile drone

6. Mobile router - XOXO WiFi

It’s not that easy to have no possibility to connect to the net these days. We are sticked to our smartphones major part of the day so it is on our holidays. WiFi in hotels, hostels and apartments is a standard but what if we want to stay in touch while wandering all day long outside the hotel room or we are sleeping in a tent in the middle of nowhere? There is a solution - XOXO WiFi which can be used in over 140 (!) countries around the world. Sounds amazing, huh? It can be used by few people at once and it can be connected with up to 5 devices. The data is truly unlimited. It’s a must have gadget for every traveler, businessmen and tech geeks.

7. Portable coffee machine

For me as a coffee addict there’s nothing better than best quality coffee every morning. Drinking decent coffee in Costa Rican rainforest or African desert can be quite impossible. This pocket coffee machine it’s compatible with dedicated capsules and ground coffee as well. It’s lightweight and handy. It can provide you amazing quality whether you’re trekking in Himalayas or laying on the beach in Cambodia. Just add hot water, push to the end and enjoy your caffeine drink with Barsetto!

Portable coffee machine

8. Transparent bubble tent

Imagine laying down at night with love of your life, watching sky above you but still separated from mosquitoes, spiders and grizzly bears. So there is a transparent bubble tent! We all know that uninvited guests such as wild animals and bugs can ruin romantic atmosphere at once. The tent is made from UV-reflecting recyclable materials which are indestructible and extremely good quality. All the family can fit in it! Confronting wildlife in homelike place may be great idea to spend few days in the suburbs.

Transparent tent for travellers

9. All-in-One plug adapter

If you visit often different continents this is the very needed item for you. It’s definitely easier to take one plugin instead of 3 or more if you’re on journey around the world. This gadget can be used in 150 countries in the world! It’s so cool! Make sure your choice has fast charging USB plug also. It will make your international trips more convenient! Remember to choose wisely - some of these plugs might not convert electrical output current and voltage.

10. Utility knife in a shape of credit card

Utility knife is must have for every man. Though heavy utility knives are a bit old fashioned and relic. Utility knife in a shape of credit card is lightweight and thin so it can be inserted into your wallet and used to chop tomatoes, open favorite beer or chop off bark to make yourself a bonfire (like a Bear Grylls). You can choose from classic Victorinox SwissCard, Iain Sinclair Cardsharp2 or Wallet Ninja. It's just a matter of your preferences. It’s also a perfect gift for backpackers and adventurers.